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In a real game situation where speed is critical, the new Speedline from Verney Carron is an absolute advantage. The rate of fire for a manual loading rifle is unbeatable.

The Speedline challenges traditional rifle categories: it is not a bolt-action rifle, nor a semi-automatic rifle, or a linear reloading rifle.

Verney Carron, leading French manufacturers of hunting weapons and rifle makers since 1650, offer the Speedline in:

Calibres: 300WIN MAG, 30-06
Handedness: LH, RH

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Key Features:

Stop&Go® System

The patented system allows unrivaled firing speed on a manual repeater rifle, locking the breech at the rear after automatic ejection of the fired ammunition. The Speedline reloads with slight pressure on the lever. Stop&Go® system allows you to keep aim while being able to fire at a high-speed.

Fulgur® Muzzle Brake
Increased stability and comfort thanks to Fulgur® Muzzle Brake which delivers a 45% reduction in felt recoil.

Executive® Stock
The versatile stock delivers superior comfort while shooting.

- Stock has 2 adjustable combs (adjustable between 0 - 6mm, and 20 - 26mm) for optical aiming either with or without optics.
- The Speedline comes with two recoil pads (15mm, and 25mm) so you can adjust the length of pull.
- It also comes with 4 shims (1 already mounted) to help you achieve the perfect set up.

Herringbone Grid Checkering
Ergonomic checkering of the stock and front optimises the shooter's grip.


  • Calibres: 300WIN MAG, 30-06
  • Total Length: 113cm
  • Weight: 3.15kg (without muzzle break)
  • Barrel: high-precision barrel, rifled and fluted, 5 cm (without muzzle break)
  • Locking 6 lugs directly into the barrel
  • Stock: Walnut, herringbone grid checkering, Executive® Stock
  • Receiver: Ergal
  • Ejection: 2 piston ejection
  • Sighting System: versatile, with open sights or battue rib
  • Mazagine: removable metal magazine for 5 cartridges
  • Sling Swivels: detachable, supplied
  • Optics: threaded mounting holes in the receiver with steel insert

Product Code: ASA107

Category: Verney carron

Brand: Verney carron

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