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The X-51 V4 Long Range Camera System uses state of the art technology to achieve what a spotting scope cannot.

For those of us that shoot past 50m, there has always been a struggle to verify where our shots have landed, with the X-51 V4, that is no longer an issue.

The need for expensive, bulky, inaccurate spotting scopes have been substituted by a small, lightweight, accurate camera system which takes only 30 seconds to assemble.

The X-51 v1 Long Range Shooting Camera System, consisted of a camera and a transmitter system mounted inside a durable weather resistant housing which relays the video signal to a receiver connected to an LCD display inside the hard protective pelican case. The shooter takes his shot, the range camera system which is pointing at the target relays the image to the 7" LCD display which is sitting right next to the shooter.

The shooter shifts his eyes away from his weapon's sight for a second and takes a glance at the LCD display to see the shot's placement on his target. So easy, so accurate! We have eliminated the need for a spotter and a spotting scope. You can be more independent and spend your time really enjoying the sport of shooting.”

Well that was the old days, the X-51 V1 gave us the knowledge and inspiration to keep on developing camera systems until we had something that we were really happy with.

The X-51 V3 was just that, a compact, stand alone, sturdy long range scope system. and with the success of the X-51 V3 it has inspired us to further develop our long range systems.

Then came the X-51 V4…..

5x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom camera which connects wirelessly to any phone, laptop or tablet device and has full 360 degree motion that can be controlled remotely on your device, over 10 hours of battery life, and 2 kilometre range.

The X-51 V4 is compact and sleek. It’s uses the latest technology available and is much more versatile than our previous designs, we set out to make the best long range spotting camera system we could, but the V4 is so much more than just an amazing range camera.

Up to 10 individual cameras can be connected to the one receiver, allowing the user to view multiple angles or sites within a 2km radius of the receiver, provided they all have line of site to the receiver.

And with the ability to rotate each camera individually 360 degrees the applications for the X-51 V4 long range camera system is endless.

From shooting at the range, to bird watching to filming animal documentaries, it’s all possible with the X-51 V4 and we are really excited and proud to be able to make this system available.

Product Code: LAR001


Brand: LA Systems

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